New heritage Trail

A very important part of the restructuring of the Bonar Law Common was the development of our Heritage Trail "A Walk through time". The trail was constructed to share information of our regions early period and the chance for visitors to enjoy a salty summer breeze while setting on the banks of Richibucto River.

Our trail winds its way from the Interpretative/Welcome Centre towards Bonar Law's homestead, alongside the farm garden, follows the shoreline, through the old apple orchard and ending in the courtyard of Bonar's former home. During your walk, you will gather information on the regions past and wonder back in time as to what it would have been like living on the banks of the Richibucto River in by gone days.

Our panels give you information of the early Aboriginal years on the Richibucto. The early Aboriginals of the Eastern woodlands led a nomadic life travelling with the seasons "The Mi'kmaqs People were known to have traveled the River annually, due to wintering inland on the Richibucto".

Our heritage trail also sheds some light on the period of new Acadia, "Civil wars raged within Acadia, and it would change hands many times, which ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763".

In addition, our panels also include information on the British immigrants who settled this area. "Following the end of the Seven Year War, between France and Britain, the first new settlers to arrive were from New England as well as from Scotland and England".

We welcome you to visit the Bonar Law Common and take the opportunity to take a stroll in our heritage trail and visit a while at our beautiful Bonar Law Heritage grounds.

Thank you for visiting our walk through time!

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