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Farmersgolf is new to North America. Bonar’s course is the first in New Brunswick.

There are 10 holes, which will take you through the pasture. There are some hazards to overcome. The holes are 10 inches in diameter. With the game originating in Holland the clubs are wooden and in the shape of a shoe. The most difficult holes will take you across the gully and back and watch out for the water on number 7. The game is best played in two groups, with 1-3 players in each group. Members of each group will take turns hitting the ball. The groups with the least strokes… win!

The rules are limited with fun being the main objective! However, there are basic rules that need apply. Children under the age of 16 must have adult supervision.

  1. The course has 10 holes averaging 150 meters (164 yards)
  2. Each hole has an identified starting and ending point, the ending hole is 4ft in front of the numbered flag.
  3. The game is played between two groups (each group may be from one to a maximum of 3 players)
  4. Once determining which group starts first the next group follows from the starting point
  5. Through each hole the ball furthest from the hole shoots first.
  6. The ball can be moved one club length, but not closer to the hole.
  7. Moving the ball further than one club length will result in taking a stroke penalty.
  8. Each player takes individual turns if multiple players in each group.
  9. Following completion of each hole, players will continue to the next hole until all holes are completed.
  10. Although groups are encouraged to take the time to enjoy the game, players are also encouraged to allow faster groups to play through if it appears your group is holding back other groups.
  11. Only equipment supplied by this course may be used on the course.

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Extreme Croquet

The Objective of the Game

Simply, the objective of the game of Extreme Croquet is to pass your ball through a series of 9 wickets arranged in a unique design. The winner is the last player (or team) left alive.

The course is an area approx. 250 x 175 feet. This course is not your regular croquet course and although the rules are similar. Extreme Croquet rules are more aggressive Bonar's Extreme Croquet Course is designed to test your skills as you maneuver around, through and over hazards. When you finally complete the course, you will "kill" or "be killed" in the part of the game called Poison.

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Bonar's Croquet

The Objective of the Game

Simply, the objective of the game of croquet is to pass your ball through a series of wickets arranged in a double-diamond Pattern; all while trying to slow down your opponent. The first player through all the wickets wins. Our court is sized 100 x 50 feet.

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